Being creative and being able to think creatively is something only humans can do. But can robots be creative or teach kids creativity and creative thinking?

We have found a very curious research on this topic. A group of researchers used a social robot to interact with kids and then…

While working with kids and teaching kids creativity we came across many myths and misunderstandings of creativity and creative thinking.

While we could list a few of those, a group of scientists performed a research in this space. It is a very important research as it allows to focus on…

Design thinking is powerful tool and thinking approach to innovate and think creatively for kids.

So, how does this process may look like:

1. Learn, collect and understand as many subjects as possible. Learn creative thinking, logic, mathematics, science and lateral thinking.

2. Ideate and investigate the problem. This can…

Design thinking is a process to find solutions to complex problems. It is used a lot across industries these days.

What is a design thinking for kids

Design thinking combines elements of play, creations and innovation, critical thinking and creative thinking in a collaborative free from judgements environment.

There are no errors or mistakes in design thinking…


Thinklum is an Online Future Skills School. We are building a new way to teach children and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

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